Come Join My Beta

Firstly, who and what is Nibbletech?

Nibbletech was founded a few years ago by Shaun Walker, with one core principle. Provide people with the ability to do what they do, harder, better, faster, stronger, by being technologic. (pardon the puns, I'm at the Daft Punk section of my getting sh*t done playlist).

But that's why Nibbletech came into existence, to be a force multiplier for people like you. I've always been a problem solver. And when it comes to witnessing an inefficient business, I get OCD levels of frustration. Especially those that can improve by just using a little bit of technology. But not every business has the skills in-house or the budget to find solutions.

Nibbletech to the rescue! We're launching our SaaS platform. The start of what will grow into a whole suite of tools to help you build businesses that run themselves. Giving you access to simple yet sophisticated solutions to common everyday problems.

Starting with... Payments and Subscriptions

The features in for launch are all to do with getting paid. In particular, getting paid over and over again. We're focused on being the best solution available. Giving you quick and effortless payments, and powerful options for managing recurring revenue. Create tiered subscription products. Offer many different payment options giving customers the choice of monthly or annual payments. Generated sales pages mean you can start making sales immediately with no extra work.

We integrate with existing payment processors (launching with Stripe). We don't process any sensitive information ourselves. So you can rest assured that using Nibbletech is completely safe and secure. We take data protection and privacy extremely seriously.

Why a beta?

Nibbletech right now is an MVP (Minimum Viable Product). I want people like you using it so I can focus on improving the areas that matter most. As I mentioned before, I'm all about problem solving and I want Nibbletech to become the best solution out there.

To do that, I need people with the problems I'm trying to solve. As many as I can find, so I can figure out how to best solve the problems that exist. The core functionality is there and ready. I'm already using it myself for payments and subscriptions in my own business. The UI is just a bit barebones at the moment.

So I'm asking you, to come jump on board if it sounds like Nibbletech could help you.

But what's in it for me?

You might be thinking... "What's the point of signing up early? You want me to pay for a beta? Sounds like a bum deal to me, I'll just wait until it's launched and get it then"

Well my answer to that would be, a lifetime 50% discount on your subscription for as long as you use Nibbletech.

This is a soft launch,  and I'm looking for people that are super interested in what Nibbletech is about. People who want to get in early and help build it up to its awesome potential. And I want to reward you for jumping onboard early in the journey of Nibbletech growing into a business automation monster.

That's 50% discount is good for an unlimited number of companies you want to setup to use Nibbletech. AND carries over to any future upgrades! So when Nibbletech introduces new products into the suite, you'll get those at 50% off too. Forever!