PHP developer and solutions architect with over 10 years of development experience and 6 years commercial experience. My raison d'être is high quality, statically typed, maintainable, and extensible domain driven software. My passion lies in event driven/sourced applications, supported by a CQRS architecture. I am a Domain Driven Design engineer as it leads to the most effective and maintainable software. With a hybrid of technical and business interests, I’m able to distil the needs of a business into practical and sophisticated technical solutions that are fit for purpose now, and easily extendable in future. And with excellent root cause analysis skills to focus on the solution to a problem and filter out unrelated “red herring” distractions.


Currently available for all types of projects.


LinkedIn if that's your thing (may be a delay in me picking up messages there).

You can contact me by emailing shaun at the current domain.


Not suitable for:


Areas I have lots of experience with. I am very comfortable leading and/or proactively contributing to discussions.


Skills/languages I have some experience in and comfortable tackling projects solo as I still bring my strong software and domain design skills. It would be optimal working alongside senior colleagues who have a deeper understanding of the "gotchas" and architectural level best practices for code reviews and design discussions.