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Automate your monthly service fees, consulting retainers, web hosting fees, magazine subscriptions

Software designed easily solve your problems with scaling and automating your business.

Starting with the most important aspect to any business
getting paid.

Spend your time getting new customers and delivering your amazing services and products

Grow fast and scale up your business using recurring revenue. Focusing on your growth by automating your operations.

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Sam Flynn - Sam Flynn Social Media
"Owning a business as a mother of two means I only work 3-4 days a week. Nibbletech fully automates the process of me getting new customers signed up on recurring revenue. Giving me more time to focus on delivering and improving those products instead of just the selling. It's an absolute life saver!"
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Oliver Warnes - Web Industry Ltd
"We manage web hosting and offer a managed marketing service for clients. So 90% of what we do is recurring. I used to dread the time of the month where we would spend a day generating and sending out all the invoices. Now using Nibbletech I don't have to do anything, all the recurring invoices are generated automatically and paid with our customers' saved payment details. If we don't have a card on record for a customer they get emailed a link to pay it online. We don't have to do anything, its great!"

You have the business. We have the tools.

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Using one of the largest card processors in the world, Stripe allows you to charge with confidence knowing there international infrastructure behind you. Effortless payments as your new dashboard automates the whole process. Generate links to payment pages for customers to navigate to and pay their dues. Fully automated handling of card payments, with the added ability record manual payments like cash and cheque.

Virtual Card

Take payments over the phone or at events?

As long as you have your phone and an internet connection you can take card payments wherever you are with your virtual card terminal.


Fully automated subscriptions so you can get paid every week, month, year, whatever terms you decide. Set your customers up with a subscription on your dashboard and have their recurring invoices automatically generated. With the amount settled immediately with their saved card.


Everybody gets a dashboard with Nibbletech. After all you don't want to be on the phone for every little balance enquiry and card payment do you? Customers have access to their own dashboard so they can check the status of payments and memberships without needing to interrupt you from getting your next big idea implemented.


Tag your customers so you can easily export lists of relevant customers for use with your marketing tools. Set up rules to automatically add tags to customers when they make a particular purchases or reach a certain amount of subscription payments etc.


Simple invoicing tools for when you just need to make a quick one-off charge for a customer. Or need a receipt for services rendered.


Keeping your customers fully up to date is a cinch with our email reminder and alert systems. If anything ever cant continue automatically, you or your customer will get notified that action is needed.

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Coming Soon

A few planned features that will be available in the near future


Need to give staff access? Create accounts for your staff and have full control of permissions so they can get access to what they need without being able to do things they don't need to.


Want to offer customers the ability to pay off large sums in installments? Set up sums to be paid off with ease and have the balance handled via an automated subscription or ad hoc payments.


Get the information you need the way you want it. Just take a look at the graphs online, or export spreadsheets to do your own analysis. You own your data.


Connect up your CRM tool to add even more automation to your business processes by triggering marketing campaigns based on spending.

Custom Report

Our standard built-in reports not enough for you? Get the data YOU want in the format YOU want it. You can define the criteria and generate your own reports, so the possibilities to measure are endless.


Define metrics that are important to your business, so you can see at a glance how you stack up at any point in time. Use our reporting tools to generate historic reviews so you can see just how far you've come over the past 12 months.


Construct your own dashboards so when you log in you have the data and tools that YOU need, available immediately.


Add direct debits to your arsenal of automation giving your customers an even greater choice on how to do business with you.

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